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For serious gamers only.  Not really.

Check out videos of my latest Friday Night Funkin mods by pressing "START"

FNF: Pluto's Reprisal, Part 3: Dwarf Planets


In part 3, the 'measly' dwarf planets step out from the shadows! As more of Dr. Oid's sinister plans are revealed, has Pluto bit off more than he can chew?

Pluto follows Dr. Oid's satellite to the outer reaches of the solar system, and encounters many familiar faces - others not so much.

In Part 3, through his rap battles with the dwarf planets, Pluto learns that Dr. Oid's satellite is actually a mysterious spaceship that has been dubbed on Earth as the "Black Knight Satellite".  What secrets will this hold in Part 4?

PR3 thumbnail.png

FNF: Pluto's Reprisal, Part 2: Moons

MAY 2022

My third FNF mod follows Pluto as he begins his journey back towards Earth to receive his planet status back from the IAU.  Or so he thought.

This quickly turns into the realization that all the moons have collaborated to redeem their parent planets.  

The moons are younger, fresher, and more knowledgeable about the cooler things in life.  Will that be enough to stop Pluto this time?


FNF: Pluto's Reprisal, Part 1: Planets

MARCH 2022

My second FNF mod finds Pluto after he's spent the last several decades beyond the Kuiper Belt.  Upon entering, he runs into his old friend Eris.  While catching up on current events, the two dwarf planets would occasionally hear music and commotion.

It was here that the two happened upon Ceres.  Ceres then begins to tell the two about the rap battles that have overtaken the Solar System.  Pluto is intrigued.


FNF: Vs Digi (Me)


The Boyfriend may or may not have broken into Digi's house for a few rap battles.  Soon the world around him (sort of just the room they're in) starts to glitch out and collapse!

This was my first attempt at an FNF mod.

digi thumbnail[193].png

Below are the instrumental tracks to Pluto's Reprisal.

- Pluto's Reprisal, Part 1: Planets (Instrumental)

- Pluto's Reprisal, Part 2: Moons (Full tracks)

- Pluto's Reprisal, Part 2: Moons (Instrumental)

- Pluto's Reprisal, Part 3: Dwarf Planets (Full tracks)

- Pluto's Reprisal, Part 3: Dwarf Planets (Instrumental)

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