About Me

I've wanted a Youtube channel ever since watching videos by Youtubers such as DanTDM or EvanTubeHD.

It wasn't always this way though.  In my early years, my parents recorded me saying the entire alphabet when I was just 2.  By the time I was 3, I was writing the entire alphabet.  When I was 4, my parents taught me to write the entire alphabet in cursive.  So I became a very thirsty sponge for knowledge.

My love of everything space took over when I was 4 and that's when I was introduced to Youtube.  I watched video after video (according to my parents) of nothing but space.  I liked other things too but space was my MAIN!

Today, I still love space but I also enjoy art, math, chemistry, watching my favorite YouTubers, hanging with my friends and gaming.  

Thank you for your interest in my interests and I hope you enjoy poking around the site.  

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