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About Digi

I've wanted a Youtube channel ever since watching videos by Youtubers such as DanTDM or EvanTubeHD.  I finally created a channel in 2016, but didn't publish my first video until August of 2017.

Before Youtube, I was a thirsty sponge for knowledge.  My parents recorded me saying the entire alphabet when I was just 2.  By the time I was 3, I could write the entire alphabet.  When I was 4, my parents taught me to write the entire alphabet in cursive.

My love of everything space took over when I was 4 and that's when I was introduced to Youtube.  I watched video after video (according to my parents) of nothing but space.  I liked other things too but space was my MAIN!

Today, I still enjoy space and soaking up knowledge, but I also enjoy art, watching YouTube, hanging with my friends, gaming, creating mods and, above all, spending time with family.

Thank you for stopping by.  If there's anything I can assist with, please join my Discord or reach out to me through my website.  

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