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This section is reserved for designs I've created using the program TinkerCad.  These are stl. files so you'll need a slicer program in order to print these on your 3D printer.  You will need an unzip program like 7zip to open the files.

Celestial Buddies

(3D stl. files in .zip format)
Once opened within your 3D printer, I suggest printing the largest buddies first (e.g., Sun and Polaris A) and then all the way through to the smallest (e.g., Charon, Polaris B, Polaris AB).  This way you can size the buddies to scale if you'd like.

Slime Rancher (keychains?)

(3D stl. files in .zip format)
I never printed these out so I can't be responsible if an alien forms in your 3D printer.  XD

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